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In the context of the new millennium realities, it is high time to revise the whole gamut of our export policy. But our success in this challenging venture depends hugely on how best we can exploit the potentialities of our business diplomacy.

The process will be accelerated; and 4.

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Knit or crochet clothing, accessories: Besides, establishment of export villages will be encouraged; 5. Steps will be taken to establish necessary accredited laboratories with this end in view; 5.

Non-traditional items customarily refer to those exportable items that are less frequently shipped to buyer countries and that they account for negligibly minimum percentage of the export earnings.

However, there are certain accompanying limitations in exporting the non-traditional products like the high freight charge for long distance shipment and the duty burden of those countries.

Government will provide necessary support if any exporter wants to charter aircraft ; and 4. November 27, Finally, we have to remember that for reaping the optimum benefits in export sector, we must be very open-ended in our attitude.


Apparel exports increased significantly in last few years mainly because of both its product and market diversifications, he noted. Asked about such export situation, Mahruha Sultana, vice-chairman of the EPB, said there is growth in overall export of non-RMG-products, though some like frozen fish, farm products, raw jute and leather are on the decline.

Last updated on Foreign exchange controls and letters of credit Unless otherwise specified, all import transactions, as a rule, are made by opening an Irrevocable Letter of Credit. For worldwide tariff information please see: Dr Moazzem Basket of non-traditional exports still remained limited to few items and largely dependent on few markets: Bangladesh exports more than items, including garments, jute and jute goods, frozen fish, leather and leather goods, pharmaceuticals, plastic, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts, light-engineering products, mainly bicycle, and agricultural products like vegetables and fruits.

Product-Specific Export Facilities 5. Apart from its mouth watering taste, he said, lukluki has medicinal value which is attracting buyers. To boost up the export of non-traditional items, it is the first and foremost imperative to back up the entrepreneurs of the non-traditional items financially.

May 15, by Daniel Workman by Flagpictures. Health service activities e.

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Research institutes may be provided this facility based on recommendations from the Export Promotion Bureau. As part of the measure, the Hortex Foundation is encouraging farmers to promote natural cultivation methodology by maintaining all phytosanitary requirements, he added.

Typically the first method is used unless the buyer and seller are related parties. about our company. the company is backed by its parent company name “multimove shipping and trading ltd.

Bangladesh’s Top 10 Exports

(” and very much engaged mainly in import to bangladesh and export from bangladesh with different countries of the world with handsome turn over. Staff Correspondent Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed on Sunday said the government is laying special emphasize on mainstreaming non-traditional commodities side by side the traditional ones in a bid to boost the country’s export earnings.

Small, medium and large family owned conglomerates dominate over Bangladesh's $ billion economy, which has grown at an average rate of 6 percent in the last decade. Most of these businesses in Bangladesh are grouped as conglomerates unlike other countries.

Bangladesh’s Top 10 Exports. Bangladesh’s most valuable export products are unknitted and non-crocheted men’s suits and trousers followed by knitted or crocheted t-shirts and vests, knitted or crocheted jerseys and pullovers then unknitted and non-crocheted women’s clothing.

Export: Exporters of Traditional and Non-traditional are exporting so many items directly to our valued world-wide buyers satisfactorily under strict quality control, quick shipment, with good packing & cheap rates.

We can export any exportable items as per demand of valued customers. the mission of the company is to export non traditional items, especially agrobased products from bangladesh, mainly to middle east, far east and european countries and the company is very much engaged with the importation of necessary foodstuff, industrial raw materials, spare parts, edible oil etc., which are warranted by the circumstances.

Non traditional export items of bangladesh on a company
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