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On the other hand, the drawback is that this may result in a situation where problems mostly remain the same and there are no significant improvements.

Whereas jobs in most hotels are defined narrowly, PVs are supposed to perform all sorts of tasks ranging from typical work of a maid to pleasing the customers at the highest service levels with varying performances at all times.

If they survive, it is only because their respective governments will not let them go under.

Portman Hotel Co. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The hotel decided on applying Positive Reinforcement under the Operant Conditioning Theory as a mean to motivate poor performers among their employees: These new supervisors did not resolve the lack of discipline problem and accountability.

Deakin Research Online, 18 13— It seems that all problems arise from the lack of organizational structure in the hotel. By the time China opens its borders to the West, Portman has assembled a group of foreign investors, including AIG and Kajima, to develop a mixed-use development called Shanghai Centre.

Supervisor support can reduce the impact of these stressors on psychological states that usually lead to leaving the company. If people are made aware of the existence and benefits the PV service offers them, they will be willing to spend more money on the services.

To make the human resources work more effectively and efficiently 4. Due to the lack of supervision, proper communication was impossible and choices had to be made in chaos.

Management Science and Engineering, 3 4P53— We distinguished between clarity, commitment, communications, culture and compensation. Many PVs are not performing up to expectancy.

The Portman Hotel Company Case Solution & Answer

The lack of a formal discipline system can be explained by a fear of the unions and the belief that positive reinforcement will be successful. Guests are not satisfied with their services and they are also unaware of their unique services.

The current strategy at Portman does not seem to motivate employees to work with sufficient effort. In this regard management can make associates to report PVs on the daily basis. However, these strategies only have limited efficiency, tend to be short-lived and they also do not directly address the real problems behind.

On one hand, the advantage of this solution is the small budget needed. The team plans to revitalize a former shipyard to create a unique mixed-use development. We will evaluate the hotel's human resource management in both theory and practice, identifying problems managers are concerned about and paying attention especially to their initial philosophy: PVs experience numerous problems in working with other decentralized departments.

I see the job design as the main cause for the unsatisfactory performance of the PVs. This bold vision will help establish Atlanta as a world-class convention city.

It includes for-sale residential units, serviced apartments and retail space. But aside from that it's free. PVs are not satisfied with the fact that their work ratio, work balance and earnings are not as described when they were hired.

The PVs are the most important differentiator for the hotel but they are hindered by the design of their jobs. If the company wants to retain its original philosophy of not disciplining poor performance, some changes need to be made to motivate the slouchers or the structure of the company.

Guida turistica della Florida, ed. Reporting to Scott there are five supervisors, who are spread too thinly to control effectively. The campus now consists of three buildings and 4. Demography, wage levels, failure to adequately address worker satisfaction and a reputation for long hours and low pay are all cited as contributing factors.

The span of control is very narrow, since the resources provided to each PV are limited and not under their control.

All together now.

Considering that The Portman Hotel has not been operating for a long time, it does not have the budget to perform an overhaul of the entire system. In this paper we analyze the Portman Hotel: To highlight the career development of the employees as well as cover their needs and improve their work condition to make them work highly motivated 5.

This subsequently led to the incapability of dealing with the different occupancy levels, resulting in an increasing need of flexibility among the whole company.

Retrieved April 2,from http:. The Portman Hotel Company Case Solution, The Portman Hotel Company Case Solution Morover, before going towards external customer’s it is needed to satisfy internal customer that are their employe.

Portman Hotel Co. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The leadership and vision of Mr. Portman were instrumental in moving Atlanta from a gracious Southern city into a vibrant world capital. John C. Portman, Jr. Atlanta lost one of her greatest champions with the passing of John C. Portman, Jr.

on Friday, December 29, at the age of The Portman Hotel Company Case Solution,The Portman Hotel Company Case Analysis, The Portman Hotel Company Case Study Solution, Effective reward system Another alternate for the management of the company is to install a revised reward system. As for now, Personal Valet is mostly dep.

The Portman Hotel was built with the intent of being a 5 star hotel that provided superior service to its guests.

Portman Hotel Co. Case Solution & Answer

This superior service centered around a business plan that was based on Asian standards of hospitality. The Portman Hotel Company was a relatively small hotel with only rooms and 21 floors located in San Francisco’s. Team 6 The Portman Hotel Case "Overwhelm the guest by the professional, cheerful, and immediate response to every request" Portman Hotel Demoralization of the PVs from lack of tips and unfriendly work environment.

Atlanta lost one of her greatest champions with the passing of John C. Portman, Jr. on Friday, December 29, at the age of The leadership and vision of Mr. Portman were instrumental in moving Atlanta from a gracious Southern city into a vibrant world capital.

Portman hotel company
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